Saturday, October 13, 2018

The 7 deadly sins according to CCFLT Teacher of the Year!

So I know...if anyone is still with me they are thinking, "Where have you been?". But I am back and ready to go!!

On October 6th, I was so honored to have been selected at CCFLT's Teacher of the Year. Although I had submitted an application, to be honest I really didn't think I would win. I mean seriously....there are so many more qualified people out there. But not going to lie...felt pretty good to be chosen. I had really been struggling and not feeling especially loved and appreciated at school (maybe you can relate?). So, I have decided I am going to make the most of my award and try to really make an impact.

So when considering my acceptance speech, I thought, "What can I do that someone might actually listen to and remember?" After many drafts, Googling "how to write an acceptance speech" and still not being happy, I went to my true inspiration, my students. Many years ago, I heard a group of students give a speech based on the 7 deadly sins. So I thought...that's it. The Seven Tips for Teaching based on the 7 deadly sins.

So here it is hope it brightens your day and maybe even inspired.

Envy - Envy all that your students have ahead of them. They are just at the beginning of their journey. Be that guide that they remember. Always help them to challenge themselves, tackle obstacles and keep going on their journey

Gluttony - It's ok to be a glutton. Take all the ideas offered by colleagues, at conferences, from professional development and from your students. Don't get locked in to one methodology. Use all of these ideas to help you continue to improve your teaching and make you class an even better place to be.

Greed - Teach your students to be greedy. Get them excited and inspired to learn more every class. Teach them to be greedy for knowledge of not just a new language, but to learn about other cultures, and to travel to faraway lands. Show them that being greedy for knowledge is not only ok, but the best way to better themselves and find the path for their future.

Sloth - Take downtime for yourself. Being a great teacher is hard work and we all need to recharge occasionally. Sometimes we just need to remember to put ourselves first....just like on the plane with the oxygen masks. ;) 

Wrath - Although there are always times when we can lose our temper and be frustrated with students, classes, colleagues and administration getting angry doesn't really solve anything. Remember that sometimes the students that make us the craziest, are the exact ones that usually need us the most. Dig to find out what is going on and those students will be on your side forever.

Pride - Help students take pride in their work. Help them see how far they have come and that the next step may be challenging but it is attainable. Take pride in your own work. Toot your own horn's deserve it!

Lust - Not going to lie...this is my favorite. Get students excited about learning. Help them lust for everything we know and more. Help them not just be able to learn from us, but to learn from each other and on their own as well. Give them a lust for learning and they will become lifelong learners and always be motivated....even in the down times.