Helpful Class Documents

After the #flipchat at the beginning of July, I wanted to have a single place where I could add documents that I talk about in my blog. Hopefully this will make it easier for everyone to find what they are looking for. I am putting all of the docs on through Google Docs. Please feel free to use them and modify them for your own uses.

Parent/Student Flipped Class Intro Letter - I sent this letter to all my parents and students prior to the first day of class last year so that they would have an idea of what the new class structure would be. This coming year I am going to also send a link to a Google Doc to try to find out about technology issues prior to the beginning of the school year.

Flipped Parent Video - This video is new for this year. It outlines the flip and what goes on in my classroom in the new format. Ideally, the Back to School video will be a great follow up to this (hopefully I will have time to make one with my students before BTS night!)

Class Outline (given to students on 1st day) - This is what I used last year. It will need to be updated with some of the new things I am implementing this year, but you get the basic idea.

Unit Assignment Sheet - Here is a copy of a unit assignment sheet. This is one I used for the Challenges in Teen Life Unit.

New Unit Assignment Sheet - I have updated this to be easier to read for the students. I also have moved to weekly deadlines instead of having something due everyday.

Unit Assignment Student Planning Sheet - This is the basic format that I gave the students to help them break down the assigned activities into the allotted class time to help them stay on track and meet deadlines.

Performance Assessment Rubric - This is the best rubric for performance assessment I have ever seen. Although everyone knows the ACTFL scale, I have never seen it explained as clearly as it is on this rubric. I plan to assign a point value to each box based upon the class level to determine scores for students. I am so excited to have a good way to be more impartial when grading.
More to come.......

Mode Assessment Rubrics - Writing/Speaking & Listening/Reading - Here are the rubrics I am moving to because I think it works better with the Essential Question projects. Like all rubrics, they are a work in progress. The plan is to create sample documents, speaking assessments, etc. to demonstrate to students what good and bad assessments look like so they can continue to improve. I am hopeful that this will help students strive for more advanced grammar structures to be able to achieve the better grade (because that, sadly, is what motivates them) and this way I won't have to keep after them quite as much to push themselves.

Unit 1 - Challenges in Teen Life - Here are links to all the documents I can put online for this Spanish III unit. Unit Assignment Sheet and work for the unit (it is only the front pages, but I think you can get the idea. If you need the rest, email me.)

Multi-level Unit Planning - This is what we came up with using the thematic bubble diagram from College Board and the State Standards for Colorado. I discussed the creation of this document in my September 18th webinar. This is not complete, and is constantly evolving, but again, I think it helps get the point across.

Multi-level project - This is the shopping project we did with the Spanish I and Spanish III classes.

Multiple mode assessment worksheet from Yo Azama - This is the document from the Essential Question presentation by Yo Azama at the CCFLT conference. I got most of it, and hopefully this is as helpful to you all as I think it will be for me.