Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flipping requires students to think

Sounds obvious, right? The more units we do, the more I love the flip and the way it has enabled me to help more students, create better assignments and assessments, and my lessons are more organinzed and every unit includes lots of the 5Cs.

However, needing students to engage their brains seems to be the biggest challenge. I am not talking about the actual lessons....I am talking about the life skills necessary to work with the flip.

The kids, and I teach mostly Juniors, have no idea how to idea how to organize their idea how to organize assignments and make a plan of attack. I have spent as much time talking to my students about these skills as I have talked to them about Spanish.

Don't get me wrong, I am happy to talk to the students about these skills. I am more surprised about the fact that so many of them don't know how to do these things already.

On Friday, I was at an inservice and the played this Tedtalk . It talks about how we are really putting our students through a school 'factory' and that theya re losing their ability to think. This is no more apparent than with the flip, when we are taking students out of their comfort zone of being able to just sit in the class and get good grades. With the flip, I require so much more. The students have to think, they have to organize, they have to put themselves into the work in order to be successful.

For me, it is just one more reason that everyone should flip, or at least look at what they are doing in the classroom and wonder if we really are doing what is best for our students......