Friday, May 4, 2012

Tech Forum

I was watching the TechForum event in Chicago and couldn't believe when Allison Drew mentioned my blog. She had a great overview of Spanish in the flip at the middle school level and you should check it out.

Watching these presentations I realize I am running out of time to interview my students about their feelings about the flipped classroom this year. I do have them completing an end of the year survey to compile some data about how things have gone this year.

Interestingly, I heard that a teacher in my building was complaining that my kids never do anything and are always sitting around talking, on the computer, or "goofing off". I was a little hurt by that, but after thinking about it, I guess could be how it looks to an outsider. Now, I am not going to say that every kid is on task every minute, but are they really in a traditional classroom? However, if you tiptoed behind any group 90% of the time, they would be talking about an assignment, a project, and asking and/or answering questions.

Many in my school seem to be taking sides on the flipped classroom as administration has supported some of the Math teachers moving to a flipped model. It is scary to think about changing your whole way of teaching, and there are so many misconceptions about the flipped class. Hopefully, the detractors will begin to see the positives of the flipped class as it continues to grow in the school. ;)