Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flipping Spanish 201 - Let's Begin

As promised, I spent all of naptime working on the new style of video. Unfortunately, the twins took a shorter than normal nap, so it still needs quite a bit of work. I have identified some issues, but thought I would share it with my friends anyway. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Here is my revised video for por and para. Zapatos Nuevos   (Hopefully this one has addressed all the silly issues mistakes I made trying to rush! Thanks to all for the feedback!)

I have a basic outline of the new structure for my class, and wanted to share. (Remember I have 90 minute classes every other day). My goal is to incorporate: a different country during each unit of study, daily life conversation and listening practice, as well as daily (maybe weekly) journaling.

  1. Word of the Day
    1. I have seen this in quite a few AP posts, and don't see why I can't get this going in III and PreAP. I will give the word, definition, synonym and antonym. I want students to make a (good) sentence and identify any other words that they know that are similar (i.e. an adjective form, noun form, etc.).
  2. Vocabulary (Skits?)
    1. Task every student with coming up with a good sentence for 5 vocabulary words. Have students (in predetermined groups of 4 or 5) choose the best one. Then have the students with the best sentences "perform" a skit with the sentences put together....or something like that.
  3. Conversation of the day
    1. Question of the day
      1. Based on a daily life topic
      2. Based on a cultural topic - possibly current event, and then relate it to US
  4. Individual/Group Work - Listening, Reading , Practice Exercises, working on projects, etc.
  5. Ongoing Speaking Assessments
    1. I am basing these on the class conversations
    2. One formal assessment per student per unit (at least)
  6. Google Voice - Yes, I am continuing this.
    1. Weekly voicemails on a variety of unit and life topics that students need to listen and respond to.
  7. Journaling
    1. I am going to give topics here, especially first semester. I will probably include some free choice. I am going to use Moodle for this, especially since I just found out about how to use accents in Moodle.*See note below for details.
    2. I am looking for practice writing and continual improvement. I am not really planning on grading every one of these.....probably will at the beginning though to keep kids on track.
  8. Random Presentations
    1. This is a big push for me this year. I want students to be able to be in front of the class and talk in Spanish. I am planning on starting small, with 30 second "describe the picture" and moving up from there.
    2. I can't stand listening to kids READ when they present. I WILL NOT stand for it anymore. If they WILL NOT PRACTICE, I will MAKE THEM PRACTICE!!!!  ;)
I am thinking that sounds like a pretty full class! Can't wait for feedback!

*From one of my new best friends from the Flipped Class Conference, Tammy Stevens at eclass4learning. If you haven't done so already, check them out! They have some cool Moodle ideas as well as some great webinars coming up!

Special Characters in Moodle:
On a PC:
You can type special numeric codes when holding down the "alt" key. You can see the codes by using the character code program by going to All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Character Map. On a Mac this link gives info. on how to do it