Friday, March 29, 2013

Flipping with the Essential Question

Before the Spring Break, I worked really hard on creating the second half of my conflict unit for my Spanish III class. I am using the model that I learned about at the CCFLT conference. In the weeks before the break, we did some vocab and grammar. When we return, I will be putting the students in their groups and having them get to work on these projects. I selected groups based on a Google Voice question a few weeks back. I had asked them what they would like to learn before they finish Spanish III. I took the responses to these questions, and formed the groups. The groups are of 3 and 4. Students that did not respond to the phone call were placed in groups together and I chose a theme for them. Basically the themes are sports, food, conversation/culture (colloquial phrases, insults, etc.), science, and pop culture. 

Students will be able to choose a country and then take their general topic and find a more specific topic that interests them. I am asking them to focus on comparsions and in particular comparisons of their topic and a similar topic in the US. Here are links to all of the documents that I will be giving the students. I worked hard on this, and to make sure that I was adequately covering all of the modes. I am using this as a test to see how the students respond and complete the assessments.

As you all know, I love comments from my PLN, so please offer any advice or comments. I am looking forward to this and want it to go well. Let me know what you think!