Friday, April 12, 2013

WL Google Hangout at #flipclass chat

Here is a copy of a post from Cheryl Morris. This will be an awesome opportunity to have a more in depth discussion about the flip and how it works in the WL classroom. Please let me know if you want in, and add me to your Google circle to participate. My gmail is Te #flipclass chat happens every Monday at 8EST.

For this week’s #flipclass chat, we’re going to do things a little bit differently.  

We have a community of amazing EduAwesome educators, and we are aware that sometimes Twitter isn’t the best way to have a deep and meaningful conversation.  So this week, we’re going to break from the routine and have Google+ Hangouts for each subject during the normal #flipclass chat.  So far, here’s who we have lined up to moderate.

  • English: Cheryl Morris and Andrew Thomasson
  • History: Karl Lindgren-Streicher and Jason Bretzmann
  • Science: GS Arnold and Stacy Lovdahl
  • Math: John Stevens and Audrey McLaren
  • Elementary: Lisa Highfill and Jo-Ann Fox
  • Electives: Heather Witten
  • Administrators/Support Staff: Kristen Daniels

Names in bold are the ones broadcasting the hangout, so if you want to join (and we hope you will!), you need to find them on Google+.  If you aren’t in their circles, that needs to happen before you can get into the hangout.

If all of that scares you, you are welcome to just join us on Twitter as normal and engage there.  There will be hashtags for each subject, and those tweetchat windows will be embedded in the page underneath the livestream of the video so everyone can take part.  

We’re excited to give people the opportunity to have more of a face-to-face interaction, possibly for the first time. So it doesn't matter if you are brand new to flipping, or if you're one of the "veterans" to flipclass. We're all here to learn, and we hope that everyone will make some connections that will deepen the learning potential.

So find your people on Google+ and let them know you'd like to be in the hangout on Monday when the chat starts!