Friday, June 23, 2017

Beginning planning for 2017/2018

I have finally, finally convinced my admin that our department (of 2) needs to have their own computers. This means that I am going to be able to move more curriculum online and be able to kill fewer trees.

However, this begs a few questions:
1. What is the best way to utilize this more readily available technology?
2. How to make sure I don't use technology for things that are more easily/better done in person?

My goals with the the new tech is that I will be able to do more "quick checks" of comprehension using Google Forms. Additionally I am hoping that this will give me more time to be able to spend with students one-on-one in my ever growing class sizes.

This year I also have to go back and try to create a student goals/objectives and feedback form that is easier. The one I created for last year required too much and there was no way I could keep up with it on an ongoing basis, so it was a bust. Luckily for me, the kids were so busy, that they never gave it a second thought.

In addition to the incorporation of the technology, I also need to continue the hunt for CI, as well as modifying the curriculum to include more projects with a global perspective. The more I teach at Elizabeth, the more I realize that students need more exposure to the world outside of our small town.